How To Command Top Prices
By Differentiating Your Dealership

With Guest Expert
Tom Jennings
WFCA Vice President
Tom Jennings, WFCA’s Vice President of Professional Development, is a lifelong member of the flooring industry. He was literally born into his family’s retail business, which he sold in 2006. He has since served the industry in numerous capacities, primarily as an educator and speaker.

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Competing on cheap price is a race to the bottom, and all but insures that you will struggle or even go out of business.  But box stores and online competitors have brainwashed consumers into thinking that “price” is the only consideration when buying flooring.  Dealers are stuck between a rock and a hard place.  What’s the solution?            

The answer is in creating differentiation.  If you differentiate yourself from the boxes and other competitors, you can command top prices.  In this session Tom Jennings will reveal his secrets for quickly differentiating yourself in your market.      
You Will Learn:
Why if you fail to create differentiation you will ALWAYS wind up competing on price
Quick and inexpensive strategies for quickly differentiating yourself from every other dealer in your market
Why the “high cost of free” is destroying many dealerships, and what to do about it
How to eliminate the “weak link” in your sales team, and increase your closed sale ratio without spending another dime in advertising
A gigantic missed opportunity that will help connect you with the millennial market, and put you on the cutting edge of differentiation
And much more!
Thursday, 7/20 @ 4:00PM EST
🕒 1:00PM Pacific (Los Angeles)
🕒 2:00PM Mountain (Denver)
🕒 3:00PM Central (Chicago)
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