Beat The Boxes ONLINE
3 strategies to attract a steady stream of customers online, and kick the boxes where it hurts.
Jim Augustus Armstrong recently released his new book, How Floor Dealers Can Beat The Boxes Online: the only 3 strategies you need to attract unlimited high-margin customers.

For this Marketing Mastery Webinar, Jim is going to cover the strategies outlined in his book. 
Why you only need 3 strategies to succeed online.
(Not 50, not 20…just 3.)  
Why many companies selling online marketing services have totally misled flooring dealers, causing them to waste time, energy and money on strategies that don’t work.
Why your website is sending prospects flocking to your competitors…and what to do about it. 
Why online reviews are critical to your success, and how to get a steady stream of 4 and 5-star reviews. 
The ONE social media platform you need to be on which will send you the best customers. (After this webinar, you’ll no longer have to stress about trying to be on 20 different platforms.) 
A little-known online strategy which will give you a huge advantage in your market. It’s virtually guaranteed that none of your competitors are using this, especially the box stores. 
How a dealer from Idaho went from $400k in revenue to (last year) doing $2 Million at 40% margins using the strategies Jim teaches.  
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Thursday, October 19, 2017
4:00PM Eastern Time
🕒 1:00PM Pacific (Los Angeles)
🕒 2:00PM Mountain (Denver)
🕒 3:00PM Central (Chicago)
Jim Augustus Armstrong
Jim Augustus Armstrong is the Marketing Mastery Columnist for FCNews, and the author of How Floor Dealers Can Beat The Boxes, the predecessor to his new book. In 2007 he founded Flooring Success Systems, a company which provides marketing services and coaching for flooring dealers, equipping them to double their profits and cut their work hours in half. Since then over 2,000 dealers have relied on him for strategies to make a lot more money while working less.