How to Recruit, Train and Keep Quality Installers

With Guest Expert
Robert Varden
WFCA Vice President, CFI Division
Robert Varden is the Vice President of Certified Flooring Installers, a division of the World Floor Covering Association.  In his role Robert provides vision, voice, and operational oversight for the CFI which represents professional installation throughout the world.  Robert started his flooring career as a commercial flooring installer and expanded his expertise into inspection, training, consulting, speaking and writing, in addition to running a commercial workroom.  This is a rare opportunity to “eavesdrop” on a master installer and businessman as he reveals valuable secrets he acquired over his 40 years in the flooring industry.  

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Finding quality installers is a big challenge facing many floor dealers.  To help solve this problem we’ve asked Robert Varden to be our guest expert on this month’s FCNews Marketing Mastery Webinar.

Robert is a master installer who has achieved notoriety for his installation expertise.  He started his flooring career as a commercial flooring installer and expanded into inspection, training, consulting, speaking and writing.  As the head of Certified Flooring Installers, Robert now focuses on training installers, and helping flooring retailers gain a competitive edge through “installation selling.”    

But Robert is much more than an installation trainer: he’s also a master flooring businessman.  He built two successful, highly profitable installation workrooms in two completely different markets.  He did this by recruiting, training and keeping great installers.  In this webinar he is going to reveal how you can do the same in your business.
You Will Learn:
How to find quality installers, and recruit them into your business
The single most critical component to running a dependable, profitable installation team.  Get this wrong and you’ll always struggle.
How to create a loyal tribe of installers who will not leave you for the competition even if they are offered more money.
A single strategy that will keep your costs down, production high, and motivate your installers to do top-level work with no call-backs.
Thursday, 6/15 @ 4:00PM EST
🕒 1:00PM Pacific (Los Angeles)
🕒 2:00PM Mountain (Denver)
🕒 3:00PM Central (Chicago)
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